Alessandro Cortini - Volume Massimo (2019)

Volume Massimo hits hard and strikes a deep chord within my heart, the progressions, the buzzing guitars or bass or synth, I don't even know what it is, but it buzzes, and it's fantastic. The warmth of the recording on this cannot be missed either. There is something that Alessandro captures in this album that portrays a sort of emptiness but also reassures you that everything will be fine if you just keep going.

I really like how open this album feels, if that is a way of describing it. He really gives it a lot of space to be interpreted and taken in. It almost sounds like he had his instruments going into a tube amp with a sweet reverb plate and recorded it onto a reel to reel or 4 track, I'm sure I'm totally wrong on the process in which this was recorded but what I am implying is that this album is very warm sounding followed with the wonderful sounds of the tape hiss that is so prevalent in this record.

Yet I digress, his use of the reverb springs, fat synths, and his almost hypnotizing progressions really shows how creative he is, his progressions alone give me comfort and hope for the world. This is truly a very unique sounding album that I've already listened to about 6 or 7 times now.

So if you do not know about Alessandro Cortini, he is one of the members of Nine Inch Nails. He is also from Italy, but is currently based in Berlin, I believe. He once moved to the US to study guitar at the Musicians Institute but moved on to other instruments after graduating. He also went on to form other projects and tour with bands like Muse, Ladytron, and Blindfoldfreak.

The best way I would describe this album is warm, big, open, dark, and beautiful. I also like how the song titles are all in Italian.

You are doing yourself a disservice by not listening to this.

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