Alva Noto - Transrapid

Based out of Berlin, Germany Alva Noto is a pioneer when it comes to minimal electronic music. I love his approach and his use of tones, his concerts also show how much this guy is into the process of art.

This album starts off with a raw and gritty in your face approach, kind of like sandpaper to your face but in a good way. The bass clicks and rhythmic patterns are so fucking fantastic in this album that they grab me and pull me into the record wanting more. This is the kind of music that tickles my brain and really inspires me to create music in a similar style.

Going on to the rest of the album it carries on with a minimal complexity that is sure to keep you engaged. If you enjoy music that tickles your brain and has a sound like no other then look no further!

Genre: Minimal, electronic, IDM?

Label: Rastor Noton

Similar Artists: No one else sounds like this guy that I know of yet.

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