Andy Stott - It Should Be Us (2019)

Damn, this album could not have a better opening track. "Dismantle" reminds me of going on a drug-filled weekend bender coming down hard wondering aimlessly not sure where the hell I am or where I'm going only to then come across my drug angel "St. Drugeless" and then proceeds to lift me out of my void to allow the downward spiral bender to continue to then eventually needing another fix.

This album has a perfect blend of whimsical and rawness where the sounds seem to intertwine with each other while a solid kick drum beat keeps carrying you on. Not sure if you are familiar with the band Scorn but I feel that there are some influences here especially with how dark his music is but it could also be the dreary English weather.

But what I must say about this album that I like is that this album seems to take you on a forced tour of Manchester, totally unexpected, you just landed and started settling in in your hotel room but you then get an unexpected knock on the door and you hear "Room Service" in a Manchurian accent, first you think "oh this must be nice" but then you open the door and its a heavy set guy with dark rings around his eyes as if he's been awake all week, grabs you by the arm and says "I'm taking you on a tour now, love" at that moment you're wondering if you accidentally signed up for a tour, as you speed past the check-in counter you quickly try to ask if you signed up for such a tour only to get dragged on your dark and grimey tour of Manchester. Showing you the dark and sweaty clubs, the drug-filled raves, the person puking on the sidewalk, people passed out on the curb. unbeknownst to you, this is the kind of tour of a city that you wanted, this is the kind of tour that you live for.

Listen to this album.

Genre: Electronic,Ambient, Experiemental

Label: Modern Love

Similar Artists: Scorn, RAC, BOC(?), Company Flow (Little Johnny From the Hospital)

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