Boards of Canada - Geogaddi LP

BOC is a Scottish electronic duo that is composed of two brothers, Marcus Eoin and Michael Sandison. In the early days of BOC, it was more of a collective of artists and even had Christ. onboard for one of their albums.

This album is such a classic for me, its hypnotic drums and airy synths and allowing there to be space between songs with synthy intermissions. The beginning of the album starts off a little slow and not in a bad way, but eventually picks up at "Julie and Candy" which to me is such a masterpiece with its intricately layered drums and dreamy recorder layers then further into the song the layers keep building up and getting denser.

There is a subtlety that Boards of Canada have a knack for when it comes to there layering their music and it is very often I hear something new in a song that I didn't notice before and I've been listening to these guys for a very long time.

I know I'm probably going to wear this record out by playing it so damn much and I recommend you do the same. The albums are surprisingly affordable for a 3 record album at only $25, to me I would easily imagine this record selling for $80 but that's just me.

Genre: IDM, electronic, ambient

Label: Warp

Similar artist: Autechre, Aphex Twin, Plaid

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