Chaos Studio - Children Must Be Eaten "The Revenge of Children"

This is a review of a song that just grabbed me first thing this morning and was such a delight to listen to such an awesome song right when I woke up but upon discovering this gem I looked a little deeper into Chaos Studio's work and found an array of music ranging from IDM, hip hop to classical, a very versatile artist indeed.

This haunting track opens up with an old skool horror film synth followed by children singing in the background gives off the feeling that the children are indeed seeking revenge and what was surprising to me was the beat because initially, I thought it was going to go right into a house style kind of rhythm, but it took me by surprise. The drums are tight in this track, and the melody is catchy as well.

There are three parts of this song so be sure to give them a listen

I should also mention that if you or anyone you know is really into Boards of Canada then they'll like Chaos Studio.

Genre: IDM, electronic, experimental

Label: N/A

Similar Artist: Boards of Canada

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