Crass - Feeding of The 5000 (1978)

This album fucked me up when I was a kid, I mean it turned my whole world upside down. The first track, "The Sound of Free Speech," scared me so much but shook some reality into me; at the time, I never heard such music, but I was hooked forever.

What is also interesting about this album is the sound of it. The drum cadence, the stiff guitars, I really want to know how they recorded that album then because it's got such a unique sound. It's interesting to point out that this album came out in 1978, and punk was still so young, but these guys were calling punk out, saying that punk is dead.

It's funny, I was once reading an interview on Crass, and the question was asked something along the lines of "How do you find inspiration?" and one of the members had said they get inspired by listening to Benjamin Britten. Maybe they were joking, perhaps not, but I still had a little laugh. That goes without saying though, in the song "They've Got a Bomb" it is said that they were inspired by John Cage's piece "4'33".

They really pack in some lyrics and really touch upon realistic issues in life and society. Crass were practicing what they were preaching, they coined the term Anarcho-punk, lived in a punk house outside of London, I'm sure they gardened and did everything to boycott the system. The Brittish government even felt that Crass was a threat, not bad for being a pacifist.

Sorry for my shitty writing, by the way, I'm working through a self-induced hangover.

Genre: Punk

Label: Crass Records

Similar Artist: Conflict, Flux of Pink Indians

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