Hainbach - Impulsgenerator (2019)

Hainbach, based out of Berlin, is an experimental electronic/ electroacoustic composer/Youtuber/Teacher. If you do not follow this guy on Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram, you are greatly missing out on some amazing things, and he seems like a really nice guy as well.

I've been playing the hell out of this album, driving with the windows down, the volume cranked driving around shitty Jacksonville, Florida getting looks.

This album hits hard, though, with its kick drum keeping you on pace, followed by some rough synthesis that sounds so fat and raw. I feel like this album has a pulse, which makes sense because of its the title of the album. It's dark, brooding, minimal, and has the clicking sounds that I oh so love.

This album is sure to take you on a trip, and if you're into as much as I am, you'll figure out a way to dance to it.

Genre: Electronic, minimal

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