Jan Jelinek - Loop Finding Jazz Records

The opening of this album puts me in a beautiful warm place, taking away all of my worries, blanketing me with its warmth, and letting me know that everything is going to be okay. With its droney organ humming along in the background and a quiet beat keeping things on track. I must also add that this record has a particular J Dilla feel to it. 

On the second track, things begin to pick up in a minimal house kind of fashion, the rhythm is soft and reminds me of my time living in Berlin, oh how I miss Berlin and all of its wonderfulness.

Yet I digress, the third track "They,Them" has to be my favorite on this album. It's mellow jazzy chord progression, the droning organ, I swear, this album is like something out of a dream.

Jan Jelinek did great with this record, he manages to capture a subtlety with tiny nuances that are placed at the right moment I tend to find these nuances fascinating. 

This album is dark, mysterious, minimal in a maximum way, dreamy, and is now in my current workout playlist.

Genre: electronic, experimental, techno, Berlin

Label: Faitiche

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