Like Weeds - The Will of the People

The Will of the People by Like Weeds is a 2 song e.p that is so fucking cleverly composed. It's loud and unforgiving for the first few minutes opens with jarring buzz sounds and industrial sounds then calms down to a peaceful looping piano and violin and what sounds like a redneck talking shit which makes for an interesting twist to the whole composition.

Kenny makes use of actual industrial sounds which is something that is super intriguing to me because I used to work in factories and whatnot and I always heard rhythms in the machines and always wanted to try sampling those sounds.

He somehow manages to create a sort of creature with his sounds, like he's welding his samples together in his warehouse to build something ominous and yet pleasing.

The second track and last track opens with the popping of welding and wheels grinding and builds up with a pulsating buzz that slowly creeps up to you just building up and building up just to then drop you on the cold hard steel gasping for air just to wake up and realize it's been a nightmare that is not over, the nightmare is just beginning.

This work is sure to leave you cold in a large warehouse feeling the rusty cold steel on your skin.

I definitely give this a 10 

I mean really, just sit down and really soak in this piece.

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