For my first review, I decided to start with this legendary crust band out of NYC. This album shook up my little punk mind when I was a teenager in the same kind of way Crass "Feeding of the 5000" did for me. Its melodic intro for its title track "Extinction" or even the first song on the album "Tech-no-Logic-Kill". The album does great with getting you spaced out then body-slamming you back to earth with Roy Mayorga incredible precision on the drums, which by the way if you didn't know went on to play with much bigger acts such as Sepultura, Stone Sour, and Ministry.

Yet I digress, this album touches upon a few issues we face in life and politics as do many peace/crust punk bands such as animal rights, war, technology, pollution, and religion but they do it in a not so preachy way which I find great.

Sometimes I don't mind the preachy peace-punk bands but sometimes I'm not really in the mood but what can you do.

Some of their influences (from what I've read) are Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, I think Godflesh was in there just to name a few.

I'll wrap this up by saying that this album is totally worth scooping up if you can get your hands on it. Last I checked this LP was selling for $80 you may have better luck finding the album on CD on eBay or something but now all that you'll come across these days is their best-of album "The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol.1" which you can stream on Amazon music if that is what you use which is still a great listen.

Genre: Crust Punk/ Peace Punk

Label: Profane Existence

Similar Artist: Crucifix, Amebix, Discharge, Disrupt

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