Phirnis - Presence (2019)

Spacey, droney, eerie, the opening of this album puts me in a place that is akin to looking out of a window of an insane asylum on a cold dreary winter day. Further on, it starts getting more abrasive, with abrupt endings, and what sounds like changing radio stations that play nothing but noise which I particularly enjoy.

Track 5 "Revelations" is a track that really pulls me in with its buzz saw engine sounds, and interesting loops, it's done in a chaotic manner that keeps me intrigued. 

For me, this record is fascinating for a noise piece, Phirnis does a great job balancing the all-out sheer noise and delicate sounds that can be heard on this album, he manages to weave in and out like this throughout his album and then drone out like on the track titled "Separate Ways". On "Stllstand 4" its more hypnotic with its loops of what sounds like rain and a dog barking; it's dark and brooding, to say the least, but I love it.

Phirnis manages to take you on a trip in this record, sort of like a roller coaster ride that is both fun and terrifying with the occasional abrupt stop, he really shows that he is a well-rounded artist by covering many bases with harsh, fast noises and slow ambiance all the while keeping it interesting.

The last song on the album is a remix done by Mzungu, which wraps up the entire piece quite nicely. He takes the whole album through an entirely different route on one track, with a much softer noise and spacey ambiance. I particularly enjoy his rendition of "Stllstand 4".

Overall I think this is a fantastic piece of work.

But what is really interesting is that I listened to this album yesterday, and it sounds completely different listening to it right now. Not sure whats going on there but it's still good though nonetheless.

Label: TC5 (Trium Circulorum)

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