Predator - No Face 7"

Hailing from Atlanta, these guys are massive, and in your face, the beginning threw me off a bit with the space echo chanting; I immediately thought that this was going to be an industrial record, but that changed quickly, and I'm not disappointed one bit.

"No Face" the first song, has got this awesome banging riff full of drive and aggression, the drummer plays with a forceful grit and proves that these guys have good chemistry. This song definitely takes me back to my early days of getting into punk, ahh! the memories!

The second track has got a certain Iggy and the stooges feel to it, with its buzz guitar and steady drumming, the reverberated vocals, I might be crazy saying this, but I kind of feel like I hear some elements of some Peni in this song as well.

Honestly, this was my first time hearing these guys, and I'm glad to hear that there is still punk coming out sounding this raw these days. 

Genre: Punk, HC

Label: Total Punk

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