Shmason - Fall Colors (2019)

Coming straight out of Jacksonville, FL. Shmason delivers his newest lo-fi instrumental hip hop inspired works that wobble their way into your eardrums and proceed to make you bobble your head most satisfyingly. Loaded with chopped up samples of warm guitars and Rhodes pianos. This album comes packed with warmth, and I do not mean with a blanket, but it certainly sounds like he recorded this album in analog.

His beats will surely carry you, like floating on a cloud weaving in and out of nostalgia while preparing for the fall season, you better start canning your vegetables to this shit!


Shmason manages to keep his tracks short, which in the end just teases the listener having to repeat a song multiple times till satisfied. But nonetheless, this album is most definitely a feel-good album, I don't think this album could have been released at a better time, to be honest. And I'm glad to have a guy like this in my own backyard, I was getting a bit discouraged with the Jacksonville music scene, but then again I'm new to this city and have much more to discover.

To sum it up, this is a feel-good, warm, happy, chillin' kind of album. And, you can listen to this album on any streaming service.

If you dig guys like Madlib or J Dilla, you'll undoubtedly enjoy his work.

Genre: Lo-fi hip hop, hip hop, instrumental

Label: N/A

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