Undeniable Evolution and the Science of Creation - Bill Nye

Ok, ok. I didn't think I was going to review a book or maybe even books, I mean this is a blog about music after all but I couldn't help myself after reading Undeniable; I may even throw in random book reviews... why not?

This is the book that I've been needing to read on the topic of evolution, I've owned "On the theory of evolution" by Darwin for over a year now and only read a page or two, I mean the book was written in a time when scientific writings didn't really grab you, so to speak.

But reading really Undeniable shed light on the important topic of evolution and was explained with the passion and wonder that Bill Nye has such a knack for doing. He explains in his book with such ease of explaining that it makes anyone from any background able to understand the concept of evolution and how it is, why it is, and how it came to be.

He touches upon the beginnings of life on earth to colonizing space and other planets, and when you think about that part that I just wrote, how far we have come as a species, is pretty fucking remarkable. I mean, we all come from a common ancestor that may have got its start from the ocean and grew from there millions of years ago and here we are sending Rovers to Mars that are capable of taking photos, pulling samples and testing them, to already somewhat colonizing space with the International Space Station, and then to this very moment in time SpaceX and Blue Horizon doing test launches to colonize space, moon, and mars.

We're going to need it at the rate that our species (that started as bacteria, and still is...) is growing and using up resources. Fuck! Am I digressing again?

Seriously, this book is a must-read and needs to be a staple in every library, let it test your faith, or let it expand your knowledge, learn something new that is actually scientifically proven. Everyone needs to read this book.

Genre: Evolutionary Biology

Label: St. Martin's Press

Similar Artist: Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Albert Einstein

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