Vivaldi - Le quattro stagioni 1716-1717

This piece seems to continuously blow my mind, the melodies, the violin, and the feeling. This piece does nothing but captivate me to listen more, and I do, there is not a day when I do not have something from this piece stuck in my head. Antonio did such an incredible job capturing the feeling of each season... I know, It's called the four seasons for a reason but hear me out, when you don't even have to look at what piece is playing and you already know what season it's on then you know he's done something right.

But I also need to add that Itzhak Perlman did an incredible job interpreting this work. I wish I could see him and the London Philharmonic perform this but that's probably never going to happen. He performed Winter I Allegro Non Molto with so much emotion that I want to curl and feel every note that plays, which I do.

And a cool useless fact is that Vivaldi is Venetian and so am I!

But one thing I would like to add which maybe you'd agree with me or not but I really feel that Vivaldi may have had an influence on metal music in more ways than we'd like to think especially with the (not sure what to call it) chuga chuga on the violins. Just my 2 cents.

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