Wake Up On Fire - S/T (2005)

Straight out of Baltimore, Maryland, these guys flipped what was coming out in the crust punk scene with two drummers, a cellist, and some super talented members. The progressions that carry you then just drop you on the floor sure to leave in a convulsive state. This album is their first and only release, I honestly feel this is a well-kept secret of crust punk. Its the perfect blend of fast/aggressive playing with deep low growls, aggressive screams, that make you want to thrash out, then followed by incredible breakdowns and instrumentals that are complex and dynamic.

There are some excellent uses of samples in this album, one of my favorites being.

"You can't stay in the house all day, you gotta get outside, make an effort."  in a motherly kind of voice. If anyone knows what movie that's from I'd love to know!

So these guys went on to form Nux Vomica later on, not really sure what these cats are up to these days as I've been kind of out of the crust punk scene for several years now, but it's nice to revisit old albums that I enjoyed back in the day. I really need to dive-bomb into the current state of crust punk.

Seriously, do your self a favor and listen to this album, it's dynamic, complex, heavy, crusty, and wonderful to listen to. It swings you in all kinds of directions. Wake up on Fire was on a league of its own back then.

Genre: Crust punk, sludge

Label: Torture Garden Pictures Company

Similar Artists: Nux Vomica, Tchkung(?)

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